Pinedale Wyoming: Gallery


A group of student photographers took a trip to Pinedale, Wyoming a few months ago. They went to document the land and the town through their eyes. Tomorrow is the opening of the exhibit at the Art Institute of Colorado from 430-730. Come out and support local artists!

Next Chapter

It has been a long run. With every new chapter in life I can’t believe how fast they are finished. This is just another. I’m excited to see where it takes me but I’m also sad about leaving this one. What’s new in your life?
Sincerely, Me


My Favorite Subject

My husband is not only my best friend but also my favorite and most photographed subject. For all intensive purposes he is my muse. I love him for his supportive mind and strengthening spirit. Do you have a muse?

Sincerely, Me


Portraits of Nature

Have you ever looked around this world…like really looked around and viewed it for the little intricacies.  I specialize in portraiture but still like to create art whenever I can, with whatever subject I can.  The above are portraits of nature.  I challenge you to create some meaningful inspiring portraits in nature.

Sincerely, Me

Turkey Day

Thanksgiving is about family, food, and memories.  This Thanksgiving was no exception.  My husband and I hosted dinner at our house with a “traditional” dinner. It was AMAZING!  I’m a really lucky girl to have married such an awesome cook!  I helped with some of the fix ins’.  My favorite recipe is my fruit pizza.  It’s super simple and ridiculously delicious.  You start with sugar cookie dough spread out onto a baking sheet and cook it, this provides the crust for the fruit pizza.  Then you cut up (or leave whole) whatever fruits catch your eye and taste buds.  Once the dough is baked spread fruit dip over it and finally sprinkle it with all of the amazing fruits!  Deliciousness!!  What is your favorite recipe?

Sincerely, Me

Artists Inspiring Artists

I am very fortunate to be an artist that is married to an artist, is friends with artists, and have colleagues that are artists.  Each one is different and has different artistic traits.  This definitely allows me to be inspired on a daily basis, it also allows for others to become inspired by me.  My husband and roommate are currently working on building their music production studio and are always working on music.  The other night my husband decided he wanted to learn how to shoot video with my DSLR, so I gave him a quick tutorial and sent him on his way.  I couldn’t help myself and had to sneak in some cell phone shots to remember that moment.  What inspires you?

Sincerely, Me

Assistant Extraordinnaire

The most important “tool” a photographer can have on hand is a great assistant.  They are there to calm you down, be used as a “prop”, and to be a set of eyes.  Eddie is mine.  The above images are some shots that were taken while testing light.  Thank you for being an awesome assistant! (Did I mention he is a musician? Go check out his band Earth Shook Run!)

Sincerely, Me

Engaged Stroll

Chelsie and Zachary just made it official and got engaged.  I was so honored that they asked me to take their engagement photos.  One of the best compliments a photographer can get is being hired by another.  A huge thanks and congratulations to the both of them!

Sincerely, Me

Before and After

When going on a shoot I always have my camera (obviously), a gorgeous setting, my speed lights and of course a beautiful subject(s).  This is the foundation for making good, memorable photographs.  The other is editing them.  A lot of the “magic” happens in post work.  There are very minor things that can be done in post to make your images that much better.  In the one above the image on the left is the before and the image on the right is after some post work had been done to it.  For this image I cropped a little for impact, did minimal touch ups, added a little contrast, sharpened (very important and often the most skipped step), and added some saturation to it.  If you have any questions or would like to see more of these posts with diagrams and such for lighting please let me know!

Sincerely, Me

Love is in the air

Love is a funny thing.  It usually shows up unexpected and brings you to your knees.  I had the pleasure of not only introducing these two but photographing them after their first “encounter” this past weekend.  Aren’t they beautiful?! (Although I may be biased considering she is my best friend)

Sincerely, Me